Abstract Garden Embroidery Kit: Tutorial Series

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Welcome to the first tutorial video of the Abstract Garden Embroidery Kit.

Thread your needle with a full thread of any colour you choose from the kit and let's go!

1. For this embroidery we will begin by stitching the flowers. Start by just doing simple and long stitches, following the flower outlines. We are using different colours for all the flowers so have fun mixing it up how you feel.

2.Remember, when you get close to the end of your thread, always make a knot in the back of the fabric to secure your embroidery stitches.

Keep on stitching those bigger flowers with simple stitches, long and short, until you've completed them all. Save the smaller flowers for the next step. 



1. Now we are going to stitch the smaller flowers with a simple stitch just like  before. After that comes a very fun part!

2. We are going to add simple stitches in between those first stitches of the flower so this way we will have a light effect!

We will do the same with the plum coloured flowers- adding yellow with simple stitch, and then following up with the other flowers as the video shows.

3. After stitching the flowers we will do tiny seed stitches filling in the small dots on the pattern.

4. Next we move onto the leaves. The embroidery stitch we are using for the leaves is the backstitch.

To make a backstitch you first start from the back of the fabric, stitch a line and then move ahead on the backside of the fabric to bring the needle out ahead of the last stitch and then connect with it, coming back down through the hole that you previously went up in the last stitch. That's why it's called a backstitch. Have a close look at the tutorial video to see how this is done. 




Lastly, let's fill the small little circles with some small french knots.

1. To make French knots first, wrap the thread around the needle one or more times and then stitch through the fabric to make a knot that sticks out. 

French knots are a fun stitching technique that you allows you to control the texture of each knot by how many times you wrap the thread around the needle. 

Have fun experimenting with these babies!




This is the video where we will learn to stitch pom-poms on our embroidery!

1. We start by threading our needle with green thread first so it's ready to attach the pom pom to the fabric.

2. Then we cut a small to medium length piece of thread and fold it inward 2 or 3 times.

3. Next, with the needle and thread, we stitch the folded thread across the middle with a simple stitch into the fabric.

4. Add a few more stitches in the same direction of the pom-pom to keep it attached to the fabric.

5. Now we can stitch a few stitches horizontal to make like a stem.

6. Then we can cut the loops off of the ends to make it look like a real pom-pom.

You can add these pom-poms where the video shows, but you can also add more pom-poms wherever you want on your embroidery. 

That's it. You finished your own Abstract Garden embroidery!

Watch the last video to learn how to cover the back of the embroidery hoop. 


Tying up the back of the embroidery hoop.

Your Abstract Garden hand embroidery is complete!

The very last step is to tie up the back of the fabric so you can hang your hoop or give it as a gift.