Floating Garden Embroidery Kit: Tutorial Series

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Embroidery Tutorial part 1 

In this video tutorial, we are starting on the Floating Garden Embroidery Kit with natural hand dyed threads.This is a super special kit because all colors on the included cotton threads are hand dyed with beautiful plants from nature!

Part 1: An intro to the embroidery kit and putting on the hoop!


 Embroidery Tutorial part 2

Let's start by embroidering the first flower petals.


 Embroidery Tutorial part 3

Now let's add another color. I'm going with this natural purple.


 Embroidery Tutorial part 4: French knots

In this video you will learn how to make french knots, which we will use to fill in the center of the flower.


 Embroidery Tutorial part 5

Onto the second flower with a different color.


 Embroidery Tutorial part 6

Continuing to stitch with another color for the outer petals of this flower.


 Embroidery Tutorial part 7

Embroidering the small yellow flower. Working with french knots and simple stitch here. Our Floating Garden kit is starting to take shape. 😊


 Embroidery Tutorial part 8

More flowers! 😍 You can't have a magic floating garden without lots n' lots of flowers. We continue by stitching, using as many different colors as you want.


 Embroidery Tutorial part 9

Now we can start embroidering some tiny flowers into our garden! 🥀🌺🌻🌼


 Embroidery Tutorial part 10: Back stitch

Making leaves and stems by back stitching.

The back stitch is always best for outlines. I stitched the leaf in a freestyle way, just like coloring with stitches back and forth. Feel free to fill in the leaves with any stitching style you like.


 Embroidery Tutorial part 11: Pom-poms

In this last video, you will learn one of the coolest embroidery details. I call them pom-poms. Adding pom-poms to your embroidery brings an extra 3D element to the design. Have fun learning this special detail.

 Congratulations! You have completed your own beautiful Floating Garden. 


*To learn how to sew up the extra material at the back of the embroidery hoop, watch the following video: