Floral Moon Embroidery Kit: Tutorial Series

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Embroidery Tutorial part 1

In this video, we will start the Floral Moon embroidery by doing a backstitch around the outer circle of the design.


Embroidery Tutorial part 2

In this video, we will finish the outer moon design and then switch colors for the details of the moon face and the floral design inside. The stitching technique for all this is basic backstitch. Have fun with it.


Embroidery Tutorial part 3

In this video, we will begin filling in the leaves with long simple stitches.


Embroidery Tutorial part 4

In this video, we will fill in the flowers with long simple stitches of various colors. Use the threads provided in the kit and feel free to add more colors with some of your own threads.


Embroidery Tutorial part 5

In this video, we will finish the embroidery by adding some extra colorful touches to make it pop! Have fun with this and experiment to find a style that you like.
Congratulations! You have completed your own unique Floral Moon Hand Embroidery. 
The very last step is to sew up the fabric to the back of the wooden hoop. It's really simple. Watch the following video to see how to do that.