Lady Of The Spring Embroidery Kit: Tutorial Series

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Welcome to the first tutorial video for the Lady Of The Spring Embroidery Kit from Creative Journeys.

Before we start to stitch the embroidery we are going to split the thread. Our thread has 6 strands so we split it in half and keep 3 strands to work with to stitch a nice thin line for the lady's face.

Backstitching: The embroidery stitch we are using for the lady's face is the backstitch. To make a backstitch you first start from the back of the fabric, stitch a line and then move ahead on the backside of the fabric to bring the needle out ahead of the last stitch and then connect with it, coming back down through the hole that you previously went up in the last stitch. That's why it's called a backstitch.

Watch this video tutorial closely and it will make sense. You've got this!



In this tutorial video, we start to embroider the flowers with another color- just doing simple and long stitches, following the drawing.

Remember, when you get close to the end of your thread, always make a knot in the back of the fabric to secure your embroidery stitches.



Keep stitching those flowers! By now you are getting a lot of good practice while adding texture and color to your hand embroidery.

For these flowers we are stitching with simple thread (6 strands), not double so it's textured but not too thick.

Go ahead and continue to embroider these simple stitches for the other flowers. Feel free to mix up the colors as you feel. 



Now we can stitch the stem and the leaves of this embroidery design.

To make the line thinner and more defined we split the thread in half once again, then we stitch the lines with the backstitch as we did for the lady's face. For the leaves we can do simple stitch with the same split thread.



In this last video tutorial for this DIY kit we will finish our hand embroidery by stitching the rosey cheek of our lady, as well as adding some fun details with French knots.

For the lady's cheek, we can split the thread in half again so it will be thinner, and then we can stitch with simple stitches.

Now, for some extra details. We can add some small simple stitches of different colors to the flowers petals.

Lastly, let's fill the centre of the flowers with some small french knots.

How to make French knots:

To make French knots first, wrap the thread around the needle one or more times and then stitch through the fabric to make a knot that sticks out. Watch closely towards the end of this video for reference.

Once you complete this tutorial, that's it! You've just made your own beautiful hand embroidery with your own artistic touches.

To learn how to tie up the fabric at the back of the embroidery hoop watch this video: