Lulu and Lola Embroidery Kit: Tutorial Series

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Welcome to the first tutorial video for Lulu and Lola Embroidery Kit from Creative Journeys. This is a very simple, yet fun and satisfying embroidery kit to work on. When you finish you will have a beautiful piece of modern textile art which you can hang in your home or give as a gift. 

And remember, the instructions in these tutorial videos are just basic guidelines. We encourage you to add your own unique touch of creativity as you feel it for each embroidery you work on. Now let's start stitching!

Step 1: Before we start to stitch the embroidery, we will cut a piece of black thread. The thread provided in this Embroidery kit is DMC thread, which has 6 strands in each thread. So we will split this in 3 and work with only 2 strands of threads, as shown in this video. We split the thread so we can stitch a nice thin line for the lady's faces.

Step 2: Now we thread the needle.

*Tip- Wet the end of the thread to pass it through the needle. If you can't thread the needle, you can get a needle threader, which you can find in any needle kit.

Step 3: We start stitching with backstitches. To make a backstitch you first start from the back of the fabric, stitch a line and then move ahead on the backside of the fabric to bring the needle out ahead of the last stitch and then connect with it, coming back down through the hole that you previously went up in the last stitch. That's why it's called a backstitch.

Watch this video tutorial closely and it will make sense.



We continue this embroidery kit by stitching the second lady's face with the backstitch, as we are just working with fine lines for this hand embroidery.

Remember to make knots in the threads at the back of the fabric to secure the stitches in your embroidery piece.

Once these ladies are ready you can finish the back, and then hang Lulu and Lola in your home or give it as a gift to a friend.


To learn how to tie up the fabric at the back of the embroidery hoop watch this video: