Summer Bouquet Embroidery Kit: Tutorial Series

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 Embroidery Tutorial part 1 

Welcome to the first tutorial video of the Summer Bouquet embroidery kit.

Thread your needle with a single thread tied and let's go!

1. We start stitching on the inside part of the flower with a simple stitch passing the needle through the fabric and then repeating over and over, from outside to inside, or inside to outside, whichever feels better to you.

2. When you finish with your length of thread, remember make a knot in the end, on the back side of the fabric. This is to ensure that the thread doesn't come loose in your embroidery. If you want to change the colors, using them differently in your embroidery go for it! There are no rules on your creative journey.


 Embroidery Tutorial part 2: Simple stitch

1. Now we start stitching the petals and small flowers just like we did before with long simple stitches.

2. Then we move on to the small light blue flowers with the same stitch. It's like a colouring book but with threads. Experiment and have fun with the textures you can make with simple stitches.


 Embroidery Tutorial part 3

In this video tutorial we continue stitching the other flowers following the same simple stitch style. By now you've got it mastered and hopefully you've tried different variations of the simple stitch. There's not really a wrong way to do it. Just have fun and keep on filling these flower petals with color!


Embroidery Tutorial part 4: French knots

Once you finish all the flowers with simple stitch you can start doing some french knots. French knots are really fun to make and can add a lot of texture to your embroidery. Here's how to make them:

1. First, wrap the thread around the needle one or more times and then stitch through the fabric to make a knot that stick out. If you want big, thick French knots, you can double up the thread, but for this embroidery kit we are using single thread to have smaller knots for the "grape" flowers to make them more detailed.

2. Continue working on the grape flowers with different color combinations to get a lot of practice in making french knots!


Embroidery Tutorial part 5: French knots cont.

After finishing your "Grape flowers" we continue using french knots to fill the small parts of the flowers. Making french knots can be pretty slow but it's also pretty fun and relaxing. You can get into a good flow with it, and before you know it, you've made something really beautiful.


 Embroidery Tutorial part 6: Back stitch

In this video tutorial we're going to stitch the stem of the flowers.

1. First we split our thread in two. The threads that come with your embroidery kit have 6 strands each. So when we split the thread in two that means we are going to stitch with 3 strands of threads. We are stitching with half of the thread here because it looks nice and fine, with a thinner stitch for the stem.

2. For this part of the embroidery we are going to do a back stitch. To make a back stitch you first start from the back of the fabric, stitch a line and then move ahead on the back side of the fabric to bring the needle out ahead of the last stitch and then connect with it, coming back down through the hole that you previously went up in the last stitch. That's why it's called a backstitch.

Watch this video tutorial closely and it will make sense. Continue with the back stitch for all the lines of the stems and leaves.

3. To put some extra touches on this embroidery we can start adding some details into the flowers. Just add some simple stitches wherever you want to make this bouquet uniquely yours!


 Embroidery Tutorial part 7: Pom Poms

This is the video where we will learn to stitch pom poms on our embroidery!

We will add them onto the bottom part of the stems.

1. We start by threading the needle with green thread first so it's ready to attach the pom pom to the fabric.

2. Then we cut a small to medium length piece of thread and fold it around 3 times

3. Next, with the needle and thread, we stitch the folded thread across the middle with a simple stitch into the fabric.

4. Add a few more stitches in the same direction of the pom pom to keep it attached to the fabric.

5. Then we can cut the loops off of the ends to make it look like a real pom pom.

That's it. You just made a pom pom on your embroidery!

Now let's add another one to make it look more full. Now you that you know how to make pom poms you can make as many you want and blend the colors to make some really cool effects on your hand embroidery pieces.


 Embroidery Tutorial part 8: Completing the hoop

Your Summer Bouquet hand embroidery is complete!

The very last step is to tie up the back of the fabric so you can hang your hoop or give it as a gift.

1. To finish your back first you can cut your fabric into a circle shape.

2. Then, thread your needle and start stitching with a simple stitch following the circle.

3. Make a knot at the end and your embroidery piece is ready.

Great job! Thanks for watching. I hope you had fun on your Creative Journey Embroidery Kit.