Tropical Bird Embroidery Kit: Tutorial Series

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Welcome to the first tutorial video of the Tropical Bird Embroidery Kit.
Thread your needle with a full thread of any colour you choose from the kit and let's go!

We will start stitching small dots with simple stitches, following the design on the fabric. Then, we will stitch the wing of the bird with simple stitch, filling the shape with color.




In this video we will stitch the beak of the bird. First we will split the thread in half so our stitches will be thinner. We will use 3 strands instead of 6.

We will start stitching with back stitches following the line until the end.



In this video we will continue filling the shapes with simple stitches in a freestyle way. Then, we can start stitching the outline of the flower, using back stitches.



In our last video we will stitch the details of the bird, like the eye.

Follow the pattern with simple stitch and back stitch.

Then we will continue with the leaves and branches with back stitch and simple stitch.

Next, we will stitch some french knots on top of the flower. To make a French knot, first wrap the thread around the needle one or more times and then stitch through the fabric to make a knot that sticks out. Do this repeatedly to make a lot of texture.

The last thing to stitch is the Pom Pom on the bottom of the bird. Here's how to make Pom Poms:

1. We start by threading our needle with green thread first so it's ready to attach the pom pom to the fabric.

2. Then we cut a small to medium length piece of thread and fold it around 3 times

3. Next, with the needle and thread, we stitch the folded thread across the middle with a simple stitch into the fabric. 4. Add a few more stitches in the same direction of the pom pom to keep it attached to the fabric.

5. Then we can cut the loops off of the ends to make it look like a real pom pom. That's it! You can make as many Pom Poms as you want in this design. Enjoy!