The Best Way To Learn Hand Embroidery

The best way to learn hand embroidery, like any other skill, is by doing it, and the best way to do it is by taking a hands-on workshop at your local art studio, craft store, or online if you can't find anything close by. It’s inspirational to see the work of others, and it’s even more inspiring to see the results of your own hand embroidery. Sometimes all you need is an easy start. 

The Second Best Way To Learn Hand Embroidery 

The second best way to learn hand embroidery is with a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) embroidery kit that you can also find at your local art studio, craft store, or online. And the selection of DIY embroidery kits out there is endless!

I started Creative Journeys after my original embroidery artwork began to attract interest from people not only wanting to buy the art but also seeking to learn how to stitch hand embroidery in the freestyle way that I developed over the years.

While many embroidery kits have catchy designs, they fail to offer the encouragement to truly explore the fundamental stitching styles to make your own piece of art that's unique.

Usually, when you buy an embroidery kit, what you see is what you get- a replica pattern that has been sold many times over. You follow the written instructions to copy the pattern with the materials provided and that's it. The result of your work usually looks exactly like the finished product on the packaging. If it doesn't you may feel discouraged. 



Why Creative Journeys Kits Offer A True DIY Experience

The idea with Creative Journeys Kits is to take an artistic embroidery design and make it uniquely yours. The textures, the colour combinations, and the choice of stitching techniques all make up a truly creative journey into hand embroidery.

Even if you followed the online video tutorials to the exact details, it would still result in an original-looking piece of art to be proud of. This is because all of the hand embroidery kits by Creative Journeys Kits have 2 important differences that stand out from the rest:

 1) The DIY embroidery designs originated from the freestyle embroidery methods that I teach in my workshops, which means no finished pattern will ever look exactly the same. 

 2) Every embroidery kit from Creative Journeys has online video tutorials to guide you through every step of the stitching process while encouraging you to experiment with the techniques you are learning. 

For Beginners And Experienced Stitchers

Creative Journeys kits are a perfect starter project for beginners and a fun challenge to push experienced stitchers to do more. 

 After 4 years of selling original DIY kits and teaching embroidery workshops all over the world, I am always so happy to see both beginners and advanced embroidery stitchers enjoying the same DIY kits, playing with the endless ways they can make their work into more than just a craft project. They are often pleasantly surprised and impressed at what they are able to make when they let go of trying to comply to the instructions and simply let their creativity come out. 



Everything You Need In A Hand Embroidery Kit

Yes, if you were wondering about materials, Creative Journeys Kits comes with all the supplies you need to stitch your hand embroidery. While our DIY kits range in sizes and styles, every complete kit contains the following items:

- a wooden embroidery hoop

- threads (floss)

- a pre-printed design on fabric 

- a needle

- a link to online tutorial videos with instructions to stitch your embroidery kit 

 The only thing not included in the kit is a pair of scissors. We're confident that you have those at home. 😉

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