The Story of Creative Journeys

Creative Journeys Kits was founded in 2019 by Katy Biele, Painter and textile artist based in Canada.
Before moving permanently to Canada, Katy lived and travelled overseas for 3 years, spending time in India where she learned some embroidery techniques from a gypsy tribe of refugee women in the Thar Desert of Bikaner.
These refugees were all very talented hand embroidery artists who taught their traditional techniques to Katy who found them very unique but difficult to learn.  
Katy continued on her own creative journey as a painter while experimenting with textile arts as mixed media. Her work began to attract interest and she started teaching workshops to stitch hand embroidery in a freestyle way that she developed over the years, encouraging her students to explore the fundamental stitching styles without frustration. 
Katy started selling modern embroidery kits on her own in 2017, which slowly grew into Creative Journeys- offering a different kind of embroidery kit without strict rules to follow but with fun video tutorials to encourage creativity out of the box.
All of Creative Journeys DIY Embroidery Kits are inspired by Katy's artwork on black or white backgrounds reflecting South American textiles and colours.